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I am a professional Clairvoyant, Empath, and Intuitive Medium and Reiki Practitioner.  My sessions are very relaxed and fun as I connect to your energy and find your path to healing and guidance.


Hands on energy balancing and healing.


Tapping into your energies and connecting with what is going on right now.


Using the power of hypnotic suggestion to make lasting changes to the subconscious mind.


Using my intuitive abilities, as well as my background in business and science, I can help you move through any of life's obstacles or challenges.

  • Lately, I'd been feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed. I was running a million miles a minute and totally neglecting my self care. Kim suggested a reike session to help me recalibrate. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Kim made me feel super comfortable. During our session she was able to help me better articulate what I was feeling, and then offer guidance on how to productively work through it. Kim helped me realize some crucial areas of balance that were lacking in my life. It was exactly the insight and encouragement I needed to set goals and get back on track. I would definitely recommend working with Kim if you're looking to overcome blocks and let go of what no longer serves you. She absolutely helped me to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. Thank you!

    Stephan M.
  • Kim's gift touched even a skeptic like me and pushed me to some deep insight and self reflection. After only knowing her for two and a half days, she felt and read things about me that only my closest friends and family would know. Throughout the process and with all of my interactions with her, she made me feel heard, safe, and loved. Kim is a beautiful soul and I can only hope we will meet again!

  • I had my first Reiki session with Kim Isherwood – wow! What an experience. I'd heard of Reiki but never had a session, and loved my time with Kim. She made me feel at ease and worked her magic. She was able to read my aura and comment on areas of my life based on how she felt my energy – so cool! With the use of crystals, calming music, and essential oils, she put me in such a meditative, relaxed state that is so important in my busy life. If you've been wanting to experience Reiki and it's relaxing benefits, I highly recommend Kim.

    Beth R.
  • I was first introduced to Kim through one of her Vision Board workshops. The moment I stepped into her house I felt warm and welcome. I recently started my own spiritual journey, and the night of the workshop really solidified that I was on the right path. Curiosity lead me to schedule a Reiki session with Kim. A little skeptical, I went in for my appointment with an open mind. Kim was able to sense my unease and helped me relax. During the session, I felt a great sense of comfort and safety. I truly felt my energy and Kim was able to share insights to my own life with me. I left feeling lighter and happier than when I went in. I now feel that Reiki is going to be part of my spiritual practice and I thank Kim for bringing her magic into my life.

    Nikki H.

Awakenings Meditation

To share sacred space with love and compassion to that you may awaken the energies of your soul.

Let’s come together to share the power of group meditation.

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There are multiple opportunities for us to experience adventures together. From workshops and retreats to local appearances.


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