Hi. I’m Kim.

How to describe myself and what I do? That is hands down my greatest struggle. I have a background in science, business and management, I worked as a nurse and dealt with life and death everyday for many years. I dealt with facts and calculations that leave no room for error. Now I deal with life’s challenges and connect with those who have passed in a very different way. Hard concepts to describe when you have a science brain, and my friends I have a very skeptical science brain.

I am a healer. As an empath and intuitive I am able to tap into the energy of my clients and I connect with what is happening now. I see, hear, feel and know things. I am down to earth, realistic and very truthful. I believe the combination of all of my past and present abilities allow me to be of service, and to give information, hope and healing to anyone who seeks it.

I work with hundreds of clients and I ethically use both science and metaphysical skills to find the right path for each individual situation. I’m also trained in hypnosis, reiki and soul coaching. I refer to myself as “Spiritual Sherpa”. I can get you on the path and help you up any mountain that you choose to climb. I won’t carry you, I will walk with you and cheer you on. I’m happy to be with you on your journey, if you are willing to take it.

My loves...

  • My family
  • Yoga
  • Reading/Writing
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Animals


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