You may schedule a session if you are in the Omaha area by calling 402-650-4134.  Readings: In your reading we may cover issue that require additional resolution and/or you may wish to have additional Intuitive Coaching, Energetic Healing, Reiki, or past life information. You may schedule a Past Life Regression, which utilizes hypnosis to reveal past life experiences and lessons.  It is quite vivid to experience–lots of fun and can provide tremendous insight into current life patterns, relationships and behaviors that are keeping you “stuck” in your present life. All services are powerful and life changing whether done in person or remotely. Remote and phone readings are also available by calling 402-650-4134 or email me at

Live Readings

  • 60 minutes $135
  • 30 minutes $70

Phone Readings

  • 60 minutes $135
  • 30 minutes $70

Reiki – Energy and chakra work to balance, restore and remove energetic blocks.


60  minutes $85

Intuitive Soul Coaching: Work with me one on one for 6 weeks. Includes individual hypnosis, meditation, intuitive readings and spirit guided direction for you life.  I can help you in connecting with your life’s purpose and finding the answers you have been looking for. Can be done by phone or video sessions. This is an intensive process and requires a commitment to journaling, exploring and processing your life’s karmic contracts in order to move forward freely. 6 weeks/6 individual  

  • 1 hour sessions $600

Call now to schedule your reading or coaching and change your life. 402-650-4134 

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