This picture is of my grandmother Lavonna Cox. She is one of my guardian angels and she helps me in my readings and healing work.

I have a very unique and special journey and I would like to share it with you. I am a woman, wife, mother, yogi, intuitive, healer, hypnotherapist, and soul coach. I have worked with hundreds of clients with many issues from anxiety to weight loss. I have learned each person is special and there is no one answer that works for everyone. That is why I use multiple different approaches to working with each client. Blending my diverse training as a hypnotherapist, registered nurse, intuitive healer, reiki practioner and yoga teacher allows me to blend the tools I have to get you the best results. Hypnosis and healing sessions are powerful and when used in conjunction with an Intuitive reading I have helped many overcome hurdles, find loving lasting relationships, discover new careers, and just relax and enjoy their lives.

My empathic and intuitive abilities have always been a strong guide in my life but it took me many years to get comfortable with sharing my gifts and let go of my  own fear of judgement. I believe each of us are far more intuitive than we realize and it is part of my purpose to connect everyone with their personal sense of knowing. We have the answers we need inside of us and my job is to help you hear those messages and more importantly to listen. My mission is to use all of my gifts and the knowledge and experience I have acquired through working with hundreds of clients to bring healing, balance, wisdom and a deep sense of connection to each individual I work with.

If you are stuck and you need help making a change in your life. I’m your girl! I can help get you out of those ruts and back on the road moving forward. Relationships, career issues, health and finances are all challenges we face in our lives.

If you are struggling I can help. Sessions can be done live, over the phone or by video or Skype.

Contact me at 402-650-4134  or

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