Feng Shui 9 Day Exercise

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Last year about this time I went through a Feng Shui ritual that was life changing. I’m by no means a Feng Shui expert, but I like many of the principals that are associated with it. The exercise involved getting rid of clutter or unused items in your life to welcome in more of what you want. No brainer—I always want to welcome in more goodness! Who doesn’t?

Many of us have homes, cars, offices, desks and schedules that are cluttered, messy and over loaded and it is draining our energy. We are oblivious to this because our culture promotes massive consumption at all times, but if there is no space for new and positive energy to move into your life, then its no wonder we feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

To complete this exercise I had to get rid of 27 items a day for 9 consecutive days and if I skipped a day or didn’t let go of 27 things, I had to start over at day 1.

As I was going through each day I documented my process on Facebook and the first few days were a breeze. I got rid of outdated food in my cupboards and cleared out my refrigerator. I let go of clothes that I will never fit into again and made space in my closets. I cleared out my files and shredded what felt like a million pieces of paper. Some days were much more challenging and I was seriously counting out old stretched out hair ties and unmatched socks to hit my 27 things
About half way through I had to dig into some things that I had been holding on to that had a lot of emotion tied to them. When I to let go of some of my children’s clothes I got really emotional. There were tears and ambivalence, but man was it freeing. As I kept getting rid of old junk I got in the groove and it felt a little strange when the nine days were over. I had created a practice of purging old stagnant energy and I could feel positive momentum that I didn’t want to stop. Letting go of stuff allowed my home to really breathe, and that’s saying a lot from a yoga and meditation teacher who specializes in breathing.

I plan to do this ritual again this year and since I love numbers and divine synchronicities I’m starting it on 1/27–1 for new energy and beginnings and 27 is a powerful Yang number in Feng Shui and is a product of nine. It exponentially increases the energy of the act of releasing. If you would like to join me you don’t have to wait. You can start and anytime and I hope you will. It’s really powerful.

Here’s the exercise.
For 9 consecutive days you must get rid of 27 items each day. They can be anything and everything, but it has to be 27 items. If you skip a day you have to start again at day 1. At the end of each day say a little prayer or meditate on gratitude. Thank those items for sharing space with you for a time and then welcome in love, inspiration, peace and abundance into the open spaces that you have created. Most importantly, try not to fill those spaces with more things.

Enjoy the journey.


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  • Leressa

    Iove this idea!!! I am going to give this a try starting next week.

    • kim

      It’s so powerful. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you Leressa.

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