Finding your Intuitive Voice

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IMG_2254IMG_2254I have been working with clients, teaching yoga and doing intuitive readings for years. I consider what I do a privilege. I am always so surprised and pleased when a client comes back and tells me that they made a big decision or made a life change for the better because of the work that we have done together.  I love it when careers take off, relationships improve, bodies get more healthy, and happiness ensues. Many times the answer to most questions is there, just beneath the surface and we give it the time and space it needs to emerge.


Everyone has an intuitive voice, that whisper that comes when we need guidance, support or answers. It is there in all of us. I believe if you take the time to be silent and listen with your spirit ears, not your physical ears, you will hear it. We are all connected to spirit and have the ability to connect if we just make the space in our lives to slow down, let go and listen.

If you want to improve your connection with your intuitive voice here are some simple steps to start the process:

1. Start your day with gratitude. Setting your day with positive energy and a sense of abundance will open you up to new ideas and inspirations.

2. A daily meditation practice is key. If you are new to meditation start with 30 seconds, build up to 60 seconds, and then add one minute at a time until it feels comfortable. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor, you can find a position that feels comfortable and let your body adjust to sitting for longer periods of time. It is challenging some days so take it easy on yourself, but when you do find those beautiful moments of silence great things will come through.

3. When you feel something, trust it. Many times we get an intuitive hit or feeling and we talk ourselves out of it. We let our ego or rational mind talk us out of what we know deep inside and 9 times out of 10 we regret not following our intuition. I believe we have messages and wisdom that come through each day, trust it.

4. Keep a journal of your intuitive miracles. Write down the little things that happen that seem to be coincidences. When you acknowledge all these wonderful magical messages or happenings you will see how frequently your intuition assists you.

Enjoy the journey and I am always here to help!



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