2019 Nine Months in the RearView

2019 9 months ago we were flying home from Mexico after a week long celebration. My son had gotten married at a beautiful tropical resort. We were so happy and all was well. We were excited for [...]


Letters From LaundryVille—Fish and Murder

Letters From LaundryVille Hello Friends, It has been a few weeks since my last post and honestly I have written a ton, but I don’t share much. I get weird and edit and delete and move on and [...]


Am I Going Crazy Or Is There a Dead Guy Talking In My Ear???

Am I crazy? Am I really hearing things or am in need of psychological help? Big questions that need to be addressed when you are coming to terms with your abilities and there’s not a class [...]


Putting Energetic Protection Around Yourself

Hello Magical Friends, This is one of the most important parts of my day. I start every morning by placing an energetic bubble of protection around myself and it allows me to welcome in the good, [...]


Finding your Intuitive Voice

I have been working with clients, teaching yoga and doing intuitive readings for years. I consider what I do a privilege. I am always so surprised and pleased when a client comes back and tells [...]


Weekly Wrap Up June 24, 2016

My head is buzzing with the energy of the past week. The full moon and summer solstice were a powerful combo and I’m guessing you felt it too. I am also fresh from a fantastic vacation in [...]


The Pilgrimage to Salem- Part One

I got to spend Halloween 2015 in Salem, Massachusetts. I have always wanted to go to Salem; it was on my bucket list for a million reasons, but mostly because I have always felt a certain kinship [...]


Leading a Spring Intuitive Retreat

For the last several years my business partners and I have held a spring retreat for our clients. This year we changed the format and focused on connecting with our individual intuitive abilities [...]


Second Chakra magic

At our Veer Health and Wellness Center we use the chakra’s to help students find new observations and insights about themselves. This week in our class we have been discussing the second or [...]


Make a Giving Plan

In my former career I worked as a nurse in a cardiology office. It was a very busy practice and there were days that it was draining and frustrating, but overall it was an amazing experience. I [...]

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