Am I Going Crazy Or Is There a Dead Guy Talking In My Ear???

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Am I crazy? Am I really hearing things or am in need of psychological help?

Big questions that need to be addressed when you are coming to terms with your abilities and there’s not a class at the community college to walk you through the process.

I have a medical background and I am a very logical, science-based person. I am also a natural born skeptic. Those qualities make dealing with psychic abilities confusing and uncomfortable to deal with. Probably why I kept my abilities to myself for a very long time and when I stepped out into the world as an Intuitive Medium, I did it very reluctantly. It took years of meditation, self-exploration, and healing before I ever told anyone what I was receiving from spirit.

How do you know what you’re getting is real? How long does it take to not feel like your crazy?

Well, what is crazy anyway? It’s a word we tend to use to describe something we don’t understand or agree with. I probably throw that word around a little too much as well.

“Hey, I know this sounds crazy but there’s a message I’m supposed to give you from someone who has passed.” It’s sort of an apology, a justification and perhaps a way to help both of us feel more comfortable with something unexplainable. Sometimes dead guys have things to tell us, and luckily I get to hear it. So, it’s most likely that you are not crazy or weird, you are connected and that is awesome!

I believe that everyone is intuitive or psychic. We all have a direct line to divine guidance, but most of us have disconnected from it. Our ego, our thinking mind, and society have caused us to doubt everything if we can’t explain or prove something in a very concrete way. We want to see, feel, hear, smell or touch things to know without a doubt we can trust them to be real. We want things to make sense to one of our human senses and connecting with spirit doesn’t match up to any of those senses, it’s our sixth sense. (and an awesome movie that you need to see if you haven’t)

When we let ourselves be guided by spirit, angels or divine guidance it doesn’t always show up the way you want it to, but its there. I tell my clients all the time, ” You’re looking for a billboard with the answer to your question. It’s doubtful you’re going to get a billboard and even if you do you’ll probably say, well that can’t be right. I need another even bigger sign. Or better yet, three billboards.” (another great movie to add to your list)  We are all naturally doubters and want reassurance. I was and I still love a big dramatic sign as much as the next person but rarely do I get a message on a billboard. I know when I am in the zone and super connected I get really hot, I feel very tapped in and it’s almost loud like a roaring in my ears. It’s a completely different feeling from my thinking mind which is just sort of a constant rambling.

Getting comfortable with your abilities means you must begin to trust. Say it out loud if you have to, but trust that you can receive guidance intuitively. I advise my clients and students to declare to the universe that you want to be of service, that you are here to help and you are willing to delight in that process. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or scary if your intentions are genuine. I also tell my students to ask for a sign in the next 3 days that is so clear that you can’t explain it away. Then just let your request go and trust that it will come. When it does, smile and say thank you! Intuitive connection confirmed.

I also recommend you journal diligently as you are opening up to spirit. Write down what happens, how you feel and start to recognize patterns. Pretty quickly you see how often you are receiving guidance and what works as well as what doesn’t. Everyone is different but trust me, everyone is intuitive.

It takes time, it is possible and if this is the sign you were looking for to validate your gifts–here it is.

If you are just beginning your journey I can help. I mentor people through the process joyfully, and I love watching other’s step into their gifts. I am here to be of service and to usher more healers into the world, we are needed now more than ever.




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