2019 Nine Months in the RearView

2019 9 months ago we were flying home from Mexico after a week long celebration. My son had gotten married at a beautiful tropical resort. We were so happy and all was well. We were excited for [...]


Letters From LaundryVille—Fish and Murder

Letters From LaundryVille Hello Friends, It has been a few weeks since my last post and honestly I have written a ton, but I don’t share much. I get weird and edit and delete and move on and [...]


Taking Inventory

Hello Friends, The sun is shining, and finally, this ridiculous season we call Spring in Nebraska is looking like it will soon be over. Thank God!  It’s been 2 months since the flood [...]


LaundryVille Letters

Hello Friends, It’s Monday and my favorite laundry spot is quiet. There are two other women here, chatting about their frustrations with finding full time work. They are friendly and we sit [...]


A Letter From LaundryVille

Hello Friends, It’s been 4 weeks since our lives were turned upside down by the flood. I’ve written a million things since then, but none I felt like sharing. Posting pictures and progress [...]


Am I Going Crazy Or Is There a Dead Guy Talking In My Ear???

Am I crazy? Am I really hearing things or am in need of psychological help? Big questions that need to be addressed when you are coming to terms with your abilities and there’s not a class [...]


Leading a Spring Intuitive Retreat

For the last several years my business partners and I have held a spring retreat for our clients. This year we changed the format and focused on connecting with our individual intuitive abilities [...]