2019 Nine Months in the RearView

2019 9 months ago we were flying home from Mexico after a week long celebration. My son had gotten married at a beautiful tropical resort. We were so happy and all was well. We were excited for [...]


Is Meditation Making Your Anxiety Worse???

In the past few days, I have had several friends and clients reach out to me about meditation and anxiety. Their frustrations are the same–everyone recommends meditation for anxiety, but [...]


Am I Going Crazy Or Is There a Dead Guy Talking In My Ear???

Am I crazy? Am I really hearing things or am in need of psychological help? Big questions that need to be addressed when you are coming to terms with your abilities and there’s not a class [...]


The Number One Question I am Asked

As an Intuitive Medium, I am asked the same questions repeatedly. Do you see any dead people around me right now? It’s hard to explain, but here is my best answer. No, I don’t see any dead [...]


Finding your Intuitive Voice

I have been working with clients, teaching yoga and doing intuitive readings for years. I consider what I do a privilege. I am always so surprised and pleased when a client comes back and tells [...]


Where’s the Fire??

I have many clients, friends and colleagues who are on a spiritual path of personal growth and self awareness. This type of work can be both exhilarating and draining. What I tell them is that [...]


The Pilgrimage to Salem- Part One

I got to spend Halloween 2015 in Salem, Massachusetts. I have always wanted to go to Salem; it was on my bucket list for a million reasons, but mostly because I have always felt a certain kinship [...]


Leading a Spring Intuitive Retreat

For the last several years my business partners and I have held a spring retreat for our clients. This year we changed the format and focused on connecting with our individual intuitive abilities [...]


Hate your weight? Hypnosis can help!

For the past several years we have been working with hundreds of clients who come to our Hyp-Yoga centers seeking help with a multitude of issues, but the number one concern is loosing weight. We [...]


Struggling with Meditation?

I have a personal meditation practice and I try to do it everyday if possible; but like most normal human beings some days meditating is a struggle. Quieting the mind and letting go of the [...]

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