The Number One Question I am Asked

 In Intuitive Medium

As an Intuitive Medium, I am asked the same questions repeatedly. Do you see any dead people around me right now?

It’s hard to explain, but here is my best answer.

No, I don’t see any dead people around you, because I don’t work that way.

I have a very clear and strong set of boundaries.  I don’t walk around trying to connect with any and every spirit or energy that is around. I have an “on the clock, off the clock” policy with spirit and it works out well for all of us-and honestly, no one should be working with spirit 24 hours a day.

It would be too much.

When I first started intensely working with this ability and nurturing communication with spirit, I did want to hear any and everything at all times.  I was like a kid who thought she wanted all the candy at the candy store but later ended up barfing it all up on the merry-go-round. I was afraid of missing the one answer to all of life’s questions, and I didn’t understand how it would affect me. It was way too much. I ended up with massive headaches, terrible sleep and really overwhelming grief at times. I hadn’t prepared myself properly because I wanted to know it all. Drinking from the energetic fire hose is not a good thing if you’re not ready. Novice mistake!

I learned from hours of meditation, study and working on my own energetic wounds that I could bring forth respectful communication with loving boundaries. This work also requires me to put ego aside and not feel like I have to please everyone all the time. Sometimes spirit wants an individual to receive signs or messages on their own. I am more than happy to facilitate and bring both together if it is meant to be, but I’m not always part of the equation.

I am quite aware that being an intuitive person is a bit of a novelty and people are immediately fascinated by it. There are lots of healers and mediums in my city and on TV right now and it is helping people up to be more comfortable with spirit communication. There’s one woman who has changed the landscape for us all, “Are you like the Long Island Medium?” and to that, I say unequivocally that I do not work like she does. Not saying either of us is right or better, we are just different. She is an extrovert, and I am not. We just work differently.

I love what I do and my intuitive sessions are very intimate and sometimes the information that comes through that is really emotional and private. I feel incredibly honored to share those moments, but I don’t ever want to put someone in a vulnerable position if that’s not what he or she are prepared for. I don’t want someone who showed up for a girl’s night out to end up a crying mess on the sidewalk. That’s not pretty! I am all about spreading love and bringing about healing, and I do that best in a quiet respectful setting.

So, if we meet or you run into me, say hello and I’ll give you a hug. I love hugs! I’m always here to help but in my own way.









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