Hate your weight? Hypnosis can help!

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For the past several years we have been working with hundreds of clients who come to our Hyp-Yoga centers seeking help with a multitude of issues, but the number one concern is loosing weight. We have all battled a little or a lot of pounds that seem to have crept onto our bodies and made movement and our self image feel out of balance. The first thing we typically hear is “I don’t like the way I look”, followed by specific areas of physical disdain. Well I am here to tell you it’s not your hips, it’s in your head.

One of the main tools we use in making change easier for our students is hypnosis. It allows us to help our students create new and permanent changes to our thought patterns quickly and easily. We call it “conscious living with subconscious help”. It works because our body obediently responds to the messages sent down from our brain. When we create a consistent pattern of thought our body is very obedient and says “if you say so” and aloop of thought patterns and physical responses ensues.

Our brain and our body take things in very literally. Once our mind believes something to be true our body doesn’t have the ability to argue or fight back, even if that belief is completely unreasonable. The fat cells in our abdomen can’t call up to our brain and say “Hey don’t you think you are being a bit dramatic? You’re just having a tough day and things will get better.” Unfortunately if our thoughts are consistently full of stress,  negative self talk, or distorted imagery our body obediently does what it is told. The more frequently we tell ourselves something the more quickly it will become our truth.

The solution to breaking patterns of negative thinking is to create new thoughts, new patterns, and new ways to communicate to our body in a way that let’s function easily and efficiently.  Hypnosis can make these changes happen for you. Letting go of old habits and language that defined everything you do as a” success” or a “failure” can be accomplished.

If you have never tried hypnosis, you are missing out! It is a wonderful vacation for your mind and your body.  Hypnosis is safe, easy, and we all go into hypnosis multiple times a day, it is a natural part of your brains functioning.  Self-hypnosis, a Hyp-Yoga class or a formal session with a certified hypnotherapist can give your brain a new way of seeing yourself, responding to stress, and changing internal self talk. Once you change what is swirling around in your head your body will respond obediently.

Don’t be limited or stuck in bad habits, use hypnosis as an option and you will be successful.


Kim Isherwood

For more information on Hyp-Yoga, Hyp-Yoga audio Hypnosis Classes go to our website www.hyp-yoga.com





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