Second Chakra magic

At our Veer Health and Wellness Center we use the chakra’s to help students find new observations and insights about themselves. This week in our class we have been discussing the second or [...]


A Reiki Healing Testimonial

I have the best gig in the world! I get the honor and privilege of doing intuitive readings, intuitive coaching and reiki energy healing every day. I feel so fortunate to  be a conduit of healing [...]


What are you so afraid of?

I have been working on a book for the past few months and I found myself procrastinating when it comes to sitting down and writing on a daily basis. It seems to be getting worse this past few [...]


Hate your weight? Hypnosis can help!

For the past several years we have been working with hundreds of clients who come to our Hyp-Yoga centers seeking help with a multitude of issues, but the number one concern is loosing weight. We [...]


Struggling with Meditation?

I have a personal meditation practice and I try to do it everyday if possible; but like most normal human beings some days meditating is a struggle. Quieting the mind and letting go of the [...]


Heart Chakra Healing

  At our Hyp-Yoga studios we often use the chakra’s to guide our students through self- discovery and reflection exercises. I enjoy focusing on the heart chakra or Anahata with its energy [...]


Embarking on a new journey

I have always been a very creative soul. I love reading, writing, and anything related to art. I am also a lot of fun.  My life’s path led me to become a yoga teacher several years ago [...]