Heart Chakra Healing

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At our Hyp-Yoga studios we often use the chakra’s to guide our students through self- discovery and reflection exercises. I enjoy focusing on the heart chakra or Anahata with its energy of love, forgiveness, self-care, and compassion. It is also a particularly challenging chakra for many students because of old emotional scars, burdens or fear related to love. I usually ask my students to dedicate their practice that day to someone they love, to themselves as a form of self-love, or to someone that they wish to forgive. During our after class discussion many say they struggle with forgiveness, and because their practice is so personal, they are unwilling to give their positive energy to someone who has hurt them in the past.

I personally have worked hard over the past few years to let go of old pain, to forgive those who I feel have hurt me, and to move on. We are all humans sharing our life experiences and many of those experiences happen to teach us a lesson. If we can view everyone we encounter as a teacher and find the lesson in our pain, it becomes easier to let go. Our human emotions are powerful and at times they can lock us into a specific feeling holding us back from our full potential. Only when we can identify the source of our emotions, understand the true reality of what we are feeling, and use it as a tool or a gift, can we move forward.

We all change over the course of our lifetime. We grow physically, emotionally and spiritually over the different stages of our lives. I am not the same person I was at age ten, or twenty, or even thirty. I have made many choices over the span of my life and I know at times others may have been hurt or changed negatively by those choices. I would hope that others would forgive my ten, twenty or thirty year old self, because I am not that same person and my current self is trying to be a kind, loving person today.

If you are someone who feels stuck, unwilling to forgive, or afraid to give or receive love, I would ask you to spend some time nurturing your heart chakra. Take the time to ask yourself if the anger, hate or fear is taking up valuable space in your heart that could be filled with joy, happiness and self-forgiveness.

Here are few simple steps you can take to move toward healing.

● Take time for self-care; loving yourself can be a giant first step. Do something for yourself as generously as you would for a dear friend.

● Change the language you use to describe people or things you don’t like. Toxic words can trigger familiar emotions in your brain so creating new patterns will break old emotional ties to negative emotions.

● Journal your feelings about the hurt, fear or anger in your heart. Let the words come out onto the page so you no longer have to hold them inside. Sometimes just moving them to a different place will help unburden your heart. Meditate on your heart chakra, focus on the emerald green of this energy and let it become brighter and more vibrant as you visualize it. See it becoming clearer and more transparent each time you visualize its energy.

Join us for a Hyp-Yoga class or find a yoga studio near you that offers a heart opening class. Let your heart be open and filled with more love each day!

Namaste, Kim Isherwood


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  • Deanna

    This is so beautiful. Your words are healing.

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