Where’s the Fire??

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I have many clients, friends and colleagues who are on a spiritual path of personal growth and self awareness. This type of work can be both exhilarating and draining. What I tell them is that any and all use of our energy is a choice. We can choose to use our thoughts, feelings and intuitive energy for something that rebuilds our spirit or we can choose to spray it around like a fire extinguisher toward what we believe our crisis or fires. There is great risk in running about putting out what we perceive as other people’s fires. First, they may not need your energy. Second, they may not want your energy. Finally, and most likely they many not have been fires at all.

Before you pull the pin and let your energy and advice rip you must become self aware. Slow down and notice your first reaction to anyone or anything in your midst that you see as needing to be fixed or “helped”. If you are a born fixer there is a good chance have become a slave to the knee jerk reaction of “I can save you!” Take a moment and reset your own energy, take another breath and listen for that “Henny Penny” voice that may be running around in your head telling you the sky is falling. If you hear her familiar hysterical voice, ask her to sit down for a second and in the stillness you can decide if this situation really requires your energy.

If you are like many of us who love to help others there is a good chance that you have busying yourself with fixing everyone else’s problems to avoiding dealing with your own. You jump at the chance to tell anyone and everyone what they should can do to make their lives better. I always tell my clients and student’s some wise words once given to me;  “Don’t buy a shirt from a naked man”. If you want to be a spiritual and intuitive helper you have to clean up your own mess, first heal thyself. If you’re personal relationships are in shambles you may not be the best person to be giving relationship advice, do the work.  If you are a magnet of messes and conflict seems to follow you every where you go, your own energy needs to be balanced first. Sincerely know, love and care for yourself before you do anything else or old habits and hysterical chickens wielding fire extinguishers will reappear when you least expect them!

How you use your energy is a choice. If you are sincere and loving in your intentions and spirit is guiding you, then please by all means your gifts. Use the magic and healing gifts that you have to become more than you ever believed possible. Take time to meditate daily and create more love and peace for the entire planet. Nurture your intuitive gifts, be kind to yourself and watch your life blossom into something beautiful and amazing. Your healing energy is needed now more than ever.

Much Love,


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  • Teri

    You rock my dear. Thank you as always….and glad I am not the only one inspiring you 🙂

    • kim

      Thank you Teri!

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