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In my former career I worked as a nurse in a cardiology office. It was a very busy practice and there were days that it was draining and frustrating, but overall it was an amazing experience. I always got to meet the most interesting people and hear their histories as it pertained to their medical past. One patient still stands out in my memory all these years later. She showed up for her appointment in a bright green silk blouse, lots of sparkly jewelry, and she carried a huge leopard print purse. She looked as though she was going out to dinner with a friend and not coming in to see her doctor. I loved her style. She was sassy, fun and unforgettable which are all adjectives I hope someone uses to describe me someday.

During our conversation I asked what her secret was to staying so young and vibrant, and she told me that for years she had started each day with a “giving plan”. Each morning she would plan and plot ways to surprise friends and family, or complete strangers with compliments, gifts, kind words, jokes or a even just a friendly hug and it had always brought such joy to her life. She told me she couldn’t wait to wake up each morning so she could get her new “giving plan” rolling. Her idea inspired me and I still smile whenever I think of her.

I try to have a “giving plan” myself and I encourage anyone who needs a little pick me up to embrace her wisdom as well. When you focus on creating joy and happiness, and a put a little effort into making others smile you will be rewarded in ways you never dreamed of. Try starting your day one morning this week with a plan to surprise someone and make their day. If you want to go completely crazy, create a “giving plan” for the entire week and surprise someone everyday for the next seven days. It doesn’t take much but it will make a world of difference in your life.




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  • Nancy Hurley

    I love the giving plan! It encourages me to give especially in the season of giving. In fact I love giving but am uncomfortable receiving? That’s what I have to work on myself so the people giving to me feel the joy! I’m booking with you a session for my son and his anxiety (social & test taking). I’ll look into your schedule over the holiday break.

    • kim

      Thank you Nancy, I would love to help your son and I look forward to seeing both of you!


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