LaundryVille Letters; Shorty, Santa and A Disney Princess

Hello Friends, It’s been three months of pilgrimages to LaudryVille. Each week I drag my dirties in, load the machines and sit down to write. The first weeks it was emotional and sad and [...]


Weekly Wrap Up June 24, 2016

My head is buzzing with the energy of the past week. The full moon and summer solstice were a powerful combo and I’m guessing you felt it too. I am also fresh from a fantastic vacation in [...]


After the Performance of “The Vagina Monologues”

It’s been over a month since my last post in which I wrote about the thoughts I had before performing in “The Vagina Monologues”. Time has passed since that performance and with [...]


Second Chakra magic

At our Veer Health and Wellness Center we use the chakra’s to help students find new observations and insights about themselves. This week in our class we have been discussing the second or [...]


A Reiki Healing Testimonial

I have the best gig in the world! I get the honor and privilege of doing intuitive readings, intuitive coaching and reiki energy healing every day. I feel so fortunate to  be a conduit of healing [...]


Make a Giving Plan

In my former career I worked as a nurse in a cardiology office. It was a very busy practice and there were days that it was draining and frustrating, but overall it was an amazing experience. I [...]


You Can’t Skip the Lessons

As an intuitive medium I meet with clients daily. We discuss what I feel energetically and many times I am asked to be a “gypsy fortune teller” or to predict what is going to happen [...]


Losing Her Essence

My grandmother is 90; she get’s smaller every year. Her hair is silver gray and still teased and combed in the same style she has worn as long as I can remember. Her eyelids seem to hang heavier [...]