You Can’t Skip the Lessons

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As an intuitive medium I meet with clients daily. We discuss what I feel energetically and many times I am asked to be a “gypsy fortune teller” or to predict what is going to happen in the future. In many readings clients want to know how they can skip all of the hard parts of life because it is scary and sometimes painful.
I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t like to tell people what is going to happen in the future for a very good reason. We are all here in this lifetime as students, here to learn, to experience, to grow and become more. If we skip the work of the lessons we don’t grow, learn or evolve. I liken it to a college class. If you don’t take the course, read the materials and take the tests you don’t get the credits. Its just that simple.
No one likes to hurt, experience loss, or experience pain but as humans we all will at some time. It is part of the journey for every human being.
In your reading I can tell you a million important things , help guide and coach you on a soul level and share what I know as an intuitive guide, but you can’t skip the lessons. They are necessary.
I am always here as to guide, support and share your journey as your friend.

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