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I just returned from a vacation to Cabos San Lucas and I feel refreshed and re-energized. I had limited access to my email and no cell service during my stay, by my choice. I am a huge believer in disconnecting your brain and body routinely from all the chaos and information overload that has become our day to day routine.

Upon returning I made a very interesting observation from my week away. I journaled every morning during our trip and found the words flowing from my pen freely and easily. The sun and the waves seemed to inspire thoughts and emotions that I happily wrote with my purple pen and I never felt blocked our tired of writing. I love that feeling and I love writing with a purple pen, its just a thing for me.

Now that I am back home in Nebraska i have not journaled a word. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it is the temptation of the keyboard on my laptop that sits open on my desk. I know that typing is very different for me than putting my hand to paper. Perhaps it is the fall weather and the brown leaves and bare branches that are all around my windows when I look outside. Or probably, and most likely it is that I am a gypsy. I love to travel and when I am on the loose great things happen.
So to all my fellow gypsy souls, take the time to travel, journal about your trip , and please always give me an excuse to go somewhere!! My gypsy wagon is always ready to hit the road.


Kim Isherwood

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