I Turned into an Armadillo for Awhile

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safe_image.phpFor the past year I have been writing almost everyday but not blogging. It didn’t feel right. I went through some huge transitions in the past year and quite honestly blogging felt like I was throwing much needed energy and time down a black hole. Truthfully I felt like rolling up into a ball and shutting much of the world out, I was “armadilloing” as one of my friends calls it.

As we all know that with time the storm clears and blue skies return. When you peak your head out friends and family begin to hound you long enough that you begin to blog again. You can give yourself the time to unfurl from your ugly little armadillo shell and stop playing dead. Life goes on.

After closing our yoga studio, selling our house and moving, finding my footing again I have gotten into a new kind of groove. Most of my time and energy now goes into my intuitive work, but it no longer feels like work. I see clients for intuitive readings, intuitive reiki and energy healing almost daily and it has been magical. I now feel a sense of peace about doing this work that I had never felt before. The magic and miracles that happen surprise me as much as they do my clients, and as I have let down my walls it grows more each day.

I have not written or shared much of what I do on social media to keep the lives of my clients very protected. My readings sometimes reveal very personal and difficult information and I respect and keep that information confidential. ┬áIn that protection I am sure that a lot of it has to do with protecting myself as well (staying in my shell). In my defense being intuitive has not always been something others supported, so for much of my life I kept it hidden. It just made things easier and I didn’t have to own it. In their defense if you don’t understand it and there’s not a logical explanation it must not be real. Well I’m here to tell you that I can’t explain it either but after reading hundreds of clients and hearing the words, “you’re completely accurate”, I know its real. So I have now given myself permission to share some of my magical experiences with you.

Last week I was doing a clearing and blessing of an old house that was just asking for a new family and a new start. It was tired and run down and ready to have its new owner bring it back to life. I love doing work in old houses because of all the possibilities for the new owners. During our time there I heard the name “Clara” loud and clear. I kept hearing it so I asked the clients if that name had any significance to them and they answered no. We continued through the house, I forgot about the name and when we left the house felt clear and happy. The next afternoon my client sent me a text saying her friend/tangled relationship guy had called to admit that he had gone to a fundraiser the day before and met a woman named Clara at exactly the same time I said her name out loud. It was going to complicate or change their already complex relationship even more.
What???? I know it really is amazing!!! Of all the names in the universe I heard Clara. You can’t make that kind of stuff up. It’s pretty fantastic!!

I have things like this happen every single day and for that I am very grateful. As I let down my walls more healing and miracles seem to come my way. It’s really quite lovely and the unfolding is just beginning. I plan to continue to share more cool stories as they happen and dig up some good ones from the past years to share. It will be an adventure so come along for the ride!


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  • Teri

    Amazing grace. Keep up the good work.

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